0 thoughts on “Maheno Shipwreck, Fraser Island, Australia

  1. Hey!

    Fraser Island is amazing, definitely a highlight of Australia!

    We have heard of this tour – there are so many out there, but it’s great you’re looking at one where you can drive yourself, as that was a major part of the fun :).

    We personally did the Drop Bear Adventures tour (http://www.dropbearadventures.com.au/fraser-island-3-day-2-night-self-drive-guided-camping-tour/) which was amazing. We had such a good guide, which really made the trip.

    You’ll have a great time on the island, but we’d just suggest really looking into the reviews on trip advisor etc., as they will give you more info about the guides and the state of the vehicles and what the food is like etc.

    Let us know who you decide on, and how the trip goes!!

    Happy travels,
    H & C xx

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